Patty Smith Hall

Friday, February 27, 2009

Anyone else out there afraid of technology?

I know, I know--in this day of getting your email off your cell phone, who ever heard of a person scared to death of a device you can hold in the palm of your hand? And computers? I was afraid if I touched the wrong key, the screen would tell me to move as far away from the keyboard as physcially possible. But I got over that--another thing to thank Princess Diana for--and have actually learned how to navigate the internet. But I did something a few weeks ago that has convinced me that maybe I'm over my fear.

I got a blackberry.

I've had a cell phone for years--but then my girls started text messaging me and I took me twenty minutes to type out 'yes' or 'no.' And forget about getting emails--I would have freaked. But between my work and my work(yes, you read that right!) it made sense for me to get a phone that would allow me to text the girls, email work and ring my mom for our bi-weekly phone call.

I hate it. That thing is always buzzing or beeping, and by the time I punch in the password, I'm ready to throw it across the room. With that little phone that's the size of a 4 x 6 card, I 've realized that life is moving too fast, things have become too impersonal. I happen to like the feel of paper beneath my fingertips, the scratch of a pen, holding a phone in my hand, the cord tethered to the wall so that I will slow down for just one moment and give my full attention to the person on the other end of the line. I'm just old-fashoined that way.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I had a wonderful dream last night.

I'm at Panera's, visiting with a few of my writing friends when someone (I think it's Ane Mullgan --I can't miss that glorious smile of hers) walks in with MY BOOK in her hands. She had just come from Barnes and Noble and found it on the shelves. As she handed it to me and I brushed my hand over the cover, joy and a sense of humbleness swept over me. My God had been so faithful, sticking with me even in my obvious writing 'desert.'

Now, I'm not saying I put stock into dreams but I do believe that our God uses them to comfort us, to give us the strength to prevail . This morning, my heart is light, my mind is sharp and I'm looking forward to a day of working on my book. And I attribute this to the dream God gave me, not just last night, but years ago, in a little girl who loved to spin yarns and lived out her imagination.